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Low temperature soaping agentChemical composition: compound of horse propylene polymer and special surfactant Technical indicators:        Appearance: yellow transparent viscous liquid        Ionicity: Anionic        PH value: 6-7 (1% aqueous solution)   

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Low temperature soaping agent

Chemical composition: compound of horse propylene polymer and special surfactant
Technical indicators:
        Appearance: yellow transparent viscous liquid
        Ionicity: Anionic
        PH value: 6-7 (1% aqueous solution)
        Solubility: easily soluble in water
        Compatibility: high compatibility with other surfactants

Performance characteristics:
        This product can replace the conventional soaping agent for low temperature soaping. It has the characteristics of excellent dispersing performance, good washing performance, anti-staining, and low foaming. The soaping temperature can be reduced while the soaping fastness required by the conventional process can be achieved, saving energy and time. Can be used on its own, without the need for soy sauce.
Instructions for use:
        For soaping after reactive dyeing
        Use process: After dyeing → washing water → acid → soaping, low temperature soaping agent 1-3g / l, 65 ºC * 15min → washing water → softening and fixing.      (Darker colors can increase the amount and number of soaping).

Packaging: 125kg / drum plastic drum or according to customer requirements.
Note: In order to ensure the safe use of the product, the user should conduct a small experiment to determine its applicability and the best performance of the product.

Low Temperature Soaping Agent

Low Temperature Soaping Agent


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