Snowkey 20T/D Flake Ice Machine/Flake Ice Machine

Snowkey Advantages:1 ASME Authentication;Certification:CE,ISO9001.ISO14001;2 Material: international standards;3 Oversea Professional After-sale Service;SNOWKEY show you how to choose ice - ice like diamond:1,HARDNESS:The ice is hard and not easy to melt -enough cooling capacity;2,Neatness \'VVS1\':clean and without impurities -

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Snowkey 20t Daily Output Flake Ice Maker/Flake Ice Making Machine
Snowkey Advantages:

1 ASME Authentication;Certification:CE,ISO9001.ISO14001;
2 Material: international standards;
3 Oversea Professional After-sale Service;

SNOWKEY show you how to choose ice - ice like diamond:

1,HARDNESS:The ice is hard and not easy to melt -enough cooling capacity;

2,Neatness 'VVS1':clean and without impurities -special ice making process;

3,Color 'D':White -special ice making process;

4,Cut:Perfect dry flake ice -best ice blade;

5,Performance price ratio: Assured quality and better prices;

6,Use:Full automatic control, with ultra low failure rate -Intelligent design;

7,After-sale service:all over the world;

Only SNOWKEY can bring you the incomparable experience of using ice.Please choose SNOWKEY tube ice, let our productions and teams take you to enjoy the diamond level ice quality and service.

Snowkey 20t Daily Output Flake Ice Maker/Flake Ice Making Machine


Reasons of high quality :please see the following detailed photos.

The following detailed photos taken in SNOWKEY factory. Pirates of those photos is not allowed!

The pursuit of the perfect appearance -from rigorous attitude ;  

If you would like to enjoy the diamond grade edible flake ice, please choose the flake ice evaporator made by excellent material and best processing technology.

Best processing technology -from advanced processing equipments ;

(Pressure vessel: Pressure vessel with ASME authentication; professional security manufacturing processes)

Excellent material -from rigorous selection processes for decades;

(Material: international grade; Clean, sanitary) 

Intelligent control -from SNOWKEY full automatic electric box;

(Material: Electrical components imported from international famous brands, such as Schneider, Siemens.,etc) 
Snowkey 20t Daily Output Flake Ice Maker/Flake Ice Making Machine

Reasonable pipeline design -from nearly hundreds of testing.

Professional and efficient after sale service level -from Snowkey Strong and professional technical team all over the world. We are right here on your side!
Snowkey 20t Daily Output Flake Ice Maker/Flake Ice Making Machine


1,SNOWKEY standard design conditions:

Ambient temperature is 33°C,water supply temperature is 20°C;

While if your local conditions is different from it,then you can choose the ambient temperature limit from 5~40°C and the water supply temperature limit from 5~30°C;,

2,SNOWKEY flake ice specification:


3,SNOWKEY power supply:

Full electric system complying with the general international standard;

4,SNOWKEY delivery for flake ice machine:

With wooden cases;In 20 foot container;

1-10 ton/day delivery:30~35 working days;

5,SNOWKEY tube ice machine application field :
1 Human consumption ice plant
2 Port ice plant 
3 Coffee shop,bar,and hotel,etc 
4 Supermarket,convenienience shop and restaurant,etc 
5 Aquatic products and food fresh preservation 
6 Logistic fresh preservation 
7 Cgemical and concrete projects   


SNOWKEY Technical Parameters:
Medium-sized flake ice machine model and performance parameter
pump power
Snowkey 20t Daily Output Flake Ice Maker/Flake Ice Making Machine

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