Textile Chemicals 99% Hydroxylamine Sulfate

Product Name Hydroxylamine sulfateIdentificationSynonyms   Hydroxylammonium sulfate; Bis(hydroxylammonium) sulphate; Hydroxylamine sulphate, HASMolecular Formula C37H67NO13.HCNSMolecular Weight  164.13CAS Number 10039-54-0EINECS/ELINCS 233-118-8StructurePropertiesAppearance  White crystalsSpecificationItemS

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Textile Chemical 99% Hydroxylamine Sulfate
Product Name Hydroxylamine sulfate

Synonyms   Hydroxylammonium sulfate; Bis(hydroxylammonium) sulphate; Hydroxylamine sulphate, HAS
Molecular Formula C37H67NO13.HCNS
Molecular Weight  164.13
CAS Number 10039-54-0

Appearance  White crystals


AppearanceWhite crystals
Heavy Metals (As Pb)≤0.0003%

Hydroxylamine sulfate is used in organic synthesis to convert aldehydes and ketones to oximes, carboxylic acids and their derivatives (e.g. esters) to hydroxamic acids, isocyanates to N-hydroxyureas and nitriles to amidoximes. Hydroxylamine sulfate is also used to generate hydroxylamine-O-sulfonic acid from oleum or chlorosulfuric acid.
Hydroxylamine sulfate is used in the production of anti-skinning agents, pharmaceuticals, rubber, textiles, plastics and detergents. It is a radical scavenger that terminates radical polymerization reactions and serves as an antioxidant natural rubber. (NH3OH)2SO4 is a starting material for some insecticides, herbicides and growth regulators. It is used in photography as a stabilizer for color developers and as an additive in photographic emulsions in colour film.

Packing and Storage
Packing In 25kgs net bag 
Storage  Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Store in a cool place.

Safety Information
UN 2865 Class8 PGIII
Detailed safety information is contained in each Material Safety Data Sheet, which can be obtained from our company.

Textile Chemical 99% Hydroxylamine Sulfate
Textile Chemical 99% Hydroxylamine Sulfate
Textile Chemical 99% Hydroxylamine Sulfate
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