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ANTI-STAINNING SOAPING AGENT RG-HFZL1420Product overview:It is applied to reactive dyes washing. It has excellent soaping performance and anti-stain property in high concentrate electrolyte and high hardness water. It can widely use in different dyes.Saving water and energy, shorting process and enhancing productivity. Main comp

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Product overview:
It is applied to reactive dyes washing. It has excellent soaping performance and anti-stain property in high concentrate electrolyte and high hardness water. It can widely use in different dyes.Saving water and energy, shorting process and enhancing productivity.

Main components: High molecular polymer
Appearance:     Light yellowish to brown viscous liquid
Physical and chemical index:
Density:             1.02-1.08g/cm3 (20ºC)
PH Value:          6.0-8.0 (10% aqueous solution)
Ionicity:              Anionic / non-ionic
Solid content:   13.5-14.5%
Solubility:          Can be mixed with water in any proportion

Performance characteristic and application:
Anti-stainning soaping agent RG-HFZL1420 is active both in acid and alkaline conditions, under conditions of high concentrate salt (about 20g/L) and hardness up to 3000mg/kg(3000ppm) can give full play to the soaping efficiency. It has strong affinity of hydrolyzed dyes, can prevent back-stainning, also can short the soaping washing process significantly in the washing technology, and has those properties of saving water and energy, reducing sewage discharges. In addition to, this agent can also give the fabrics higher fastness consistency and reproducibility.
Anti-stainning agent RG-HFZ has the following characters:
  1. Anti-stainning agent RG-HFZ has excellent soaping property.
General requested the added salt concentration lower than 2g/L if the the traditional soaping agent want to get an excellent soaping effect, so to remove the fabric residual salt after dyeing, should wash repeatedly before dyeing and soaping washing. While anti-stainning soaping agent RG-HFZ due to its excellent soaping washing property, can give full play to excellent soaping effect under the condition of about 20g/L salt concentration, then obvious to short the washing process. In most cases, just wash one time after dyeing, then can proceed soaping wash.
If general soaping agent, often use surface-active agent and protective colloid etc., under the condition of water hardness is higher, the soaping effect declined obviously. But the anti-stainning soaping agent RG-HFZ can be full play excellent soaping effect even under the condition of harness up to 3000mg/kg, even use poor quality water ( for example harness up to 200mg/kg above), can still get excellent soaping effect.
  1. Excellent resistant to re-stain property.
Macromolecule of anti-soaping agent RG-HFZ has the ability to trap hydrolyzed reactive dyes, can clad hydrolyzed dyes molecule, with the additional of affinity to hydrolyzed dyes, can firmly seal the hydrolyzed dye among in the soaping bath which enter into it in the soaping process, avoid concentrating of hydrolyzed dyes molecule and stick back to fibers or fabrics, so that has excellent resistant to re-stainning property.
  1. Wide application range.
Anti-stainning agent RG-HFZ can be applied kinds of structure such as reactive dyes soaping wash after dyeing vinyl sulfone, monochloro triazine, fluoride triazine and two reactive groups and so on. Has remarkable effect to different dye concentration, and kinds of dyeing equipment and fabric types (yarn, woven fabric and knitted fabric).
Application method:
Reactive dye widely used in cellulosic fiber fabric dyeing and printing. Reactive dye need soaping wash after dyeing or printing, so that can enhance its various fastness, common soaping agent has surface active agent type (such as industry soaping powder etc.), chelating type (such as
polyacrylate) and blended type and so on. These soaping agent normally request the salt concentration of soaping bath under 2g/L when in reactive dye soaping process, and the water is soft water (hardness is under 100mg/kg(100ppm). If the salt concentration is higher, will occur "secondary dyeing" when heating temperature for soaping wash, thus will make the floating color like direct dyes to dye the fabric again. While hard water will make the water-soluble high floating color (hydrolyzed dyes) become to anti-soluble sediment, both of them will reduce the soaping agent anti-stainning ability, then greatly influence soaping effective.    
When anti-stainning soaping agent RG-HFZ applied in reactive dye soaping, it still has excellent soaping property and resistant to re-stainning property even under high concentration electrolyte and high hardness water conditions.
Furthermore, it has those advantages such as saving water and energy, enhance the productivity. For example in the after washing of pure cotton yarn, it can save 4 times of washing than common process, can short the process time about 30min; in after washing of pure cotton fabric, it can save 2 times washing than common process, and each performance index can reach to or a little higher than regular performance index.
Anti-stainning soaping agent RG-HFZ application process example:
  1. After washing process of yarn:
Fiber pure cotton yarn
Bath ratio:                 16:1
Dyeing recipe:              (%)
Reactive red EC             0.15
Reactive dark blue EC:       0.45
Reactive blue KN-R:         3.50
Sodium sulfate (g/L):         60
RCF caustic soda liquid (g/L):  3.0
Trisodium phosphate (g/L):    8.0

Traditional after wash technological process 
Washing (40ºC×5min) →Washing (40ºC×5min)→Acid neutralizing (15min) →Washing (40ºC×5min)→Washing (40ºC×5min)→Soaping (1g/L of Soaping agent, 98ºC×10min)→Washing (70~80ºC×5min)
→Warm temperature washing (2~3min)→Warm washing (2~3min)
Our company recommended technological process:  
Acid neutralizing (3g/L of Acetic acid, 50ºC×15min)→Washing (40ºC×5min)→Washing (1.5g/Lof Anti-stainning soaping agent RG-HFZ, 98ºC×10min)→Washing (80ºC×5min)→Washing (40ºC×2~3min)
Sheet 1-
Washing fastness test (Level) after dyeing of pure cotton yarn reactive dyes
 Washing fastness (ISO105-C03)Rubbing fastness

Dyed yarn
Cotton color stainning Nylon color stainning Dry rubbing Wet rubbing
National standard3~43~4-3~43
Anti-stainning soaping agent RG-HFZ4~54~544~53

Compared the above two process, when use anti-stainning agent
RG-HFZ wash, can save common 4 times washing, reduce the sewage
discharge, short process time for about 30 min, and enhance
productivity greatly.
  1. After washing process of pure cotton knitted fabric
  2. Bath ratio:                 9:1
  3. Dyeing recipe:              (%)
  4. Reactive yellow RNF        4.160
  5. Reactive RED 3BS:         5.000
  6. Reactive blue BB:          0.078
  7. Sodium sulfate (g/L):        90.00
  8. Trisodium phosphate (g/L):   00

Traditional after washing technological process
Washing (40ºC×5min) →Washing (40ºC×5min)→Acid neutralizing (10min)→Washing (95ºC×10min)→Washing (95ºC×10min)→Washing (60ºC×10min)→Washing (10min)→Fixing color →Softening
Our company recommended soaping technological process:
Washing (40ºC×5min)→Washing (1g/L of Anti-stainning soaping agent RG-HFZ, 95ºC×10min)→Washing (1g/L of Anti-stainning soaping agent RG-HFZ, 95ºC×10min) Washing (60ºC×10min)→Washing (10min)→Fixing color →Softening
Sheet 2-
Washing fastness test (level) of pure cotton knitted fabric after dyeing
 Washing fastness
Crabbing fastness
Dyed fabric
Cotton fabric
stainning color 
Before fixing4~54~54~53
After fixing4~54~54~53

Pure cotton knitted fabric use Anti-stainning agent RG-HFZ to wash
can save two times washing of regular process, reduce sewage
discharge, short process time about 30 min, each performance index
can reach to or a little better than clients common used washing
process, and can save water and energy, as well as high efficient.

Specific process should be appropriate adjusted according to test.

Package and Storage:      
50kg or 125kg plastic drum or according to clients demands.
Prevent from insolation and frozen, stored in room temperature. Sealed storage under temperature of 2-25 degree, the guarantee period can be 12 months.
Product should be used up as soon as possible once the package opened; packing should be tightly closed after use.

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